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More than a dozen Christmas concerts performed... over 20 hours of festive songs played... 33 gift bags filled and delivered... £2200 raised for local nursing care...what a fantastic way to end 2019! 

It was our very great pleasure to provide some Christmas cheer to the residents of Ravenswood Care Home in Kidsgrove; the first time we took along the ukes and performed for them, the second time it was a bag of goodies for each and every one of them to open on Christmas Day.  If they enjoyed them even half as much as we enjoyed shopping for and packing them then we're all very, very happy!

Another highlight was playing for Steelite International's Christmas party; as always we were made very welcome.

As modelled by Pete in the photo it was full Christmas-jumpers-and-accessories mode, just like all our Christmas gigs!

Playing the Atrium at the Royal Stoke Hospital on the last Friday before Christmas was quite an experience; people joining in on the ground, up the stairs and on the balcony.  For the first

time ever our audience included a wookie, Darth Vader and a couple of stormtroopers (they just happened to be there... don't ask!).  A small group of Ukulymies also toured a number of wards and departments like wandering minstrels to spread a little festive cheer and say their own personal thanks to the staff.

As unusual concert venues go, supermarkets are right up there but for the second Christmas running that's exactly where we played; we entertained the shoppers at two Morrisons stores to help raise money for Marie Curie and thanks to the generosity of the shoppers (who not only sang along but literally danced in the aisles!) a grand total of £2200 was raised; that's 110 hours of nursing.


To everyone who was so welcoming to us in 2019 - thank you!  Here's to 2020!

Did you

  • the ukulele has only 4 strings

  • you don't need to be able to read music to play (many of the Ukulymies don't read music so you're in good company)

  • when you've learned just 2 chords you can play dozens of tunes; 3 chords and you're rocking out to HUNDREDS of 'em!

  • the ukulele is fun for all ages - we know of players as young as 5 and some in their ninth decade

  • you can buy a brand new ukulele for as little as £30 (just don't blame us when you get hooked and buy your second, third... )

  • you're welcome to come along and sit in on one of our practice sessions to see if the uke is for you

  • and the best fact of all... you can't play the ukulele without smiling!


If you're looking for a ukulele tutor, we can recommend Stoke on Trent's own Stephanie Priest - fun, fab and making your ukulele skills rock!  1 to 1 or online, click the logo to find out more.