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In line with government advice about staying safe during this time of Coronavirus, the Ukulymies have suspended their meetings until further notice.  Performance dates are also postponed.  Please keep checking back, we promise that as soon as normal service is resumed you'll be the first to know!

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We hope you're all staying safe during these challenging times!


If you've taken on board all the advice about staying safe during the present Coronavirus situation and would like a quick break from hearing about it every time you turn on the TV or radio, we have the perfect solution - get yourself a ukulele online!  Honestly, you can't play without smiling, and singing along is great for your health and wellbeing.  So follow all the medical advice, stay safe, self-isolate if necessary... and get playing!

And remember...

Did you

  • the ukulele has only 4 strings

  • you don't need to be able to read music to play (many of the Ukulymies don't read music so you're in good company)

  • when you've learned just 2 chords you can play dozens of tunes; 3 chords and you're rocking out to HUNDREDS of 'em!

  • the ukulele is fun for all ages - we know of players as young as 5 and some in their ninth decade

  • you can buy a brand new ukulele for as little as £30 (just don't blame us when you get hooked and buy your second, third... )

  • you're welcome to come along and sit in on one of our practice sessions to see if the uke is for you

  • and the best fact of all... you can't play the ukulele without smiling!


If you're looking for a ukulele tutor, we can recommend Stoke on Trent's own Stephanie Priest - fun, fab and making your ukulele skills rock!  1 to 1 or online, click the logo to find out more.